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23 Ιανουαρίου 2013

21 σκυλιά μεγέθους XL (που δεν συνειδητοποιούν πόσο ΤΕΡΑΣΤΙΑ είναι) Απίθανες φωτογραφίες

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1. Ο σκύλος που θέλει να μαυρίσει

This dog who just wants to tan.

Zeus, the dog who likes to relax on the couch.

This dog who wants a hug.

This adorable dog who kind of resembles a wolf.

This dog trying to watch TV.

This dog who doesn't like to go to the vet.

This dog who is definitely hogging the couch.

This dog who just wants to escape that rat thing on the floor.

This dog who you can't hide treats from.

This dog who takes babysitting too seriously.

 This dog who likes chairs.

This dog who could mop my entire kitchen by rolling over once.

This dog who thinks the sink is his water bowl.

This dog who just wants to be a kid.

This dog who doubles as a stool.

This guy who's convinced he's a lap dog.

This dog who just wants to cuddle.

 This dog who's basically a horse for Chihuahuas.

 This dog who's investigating something.

This dog who's dreaming of bacon and bones.

This dog who would be a great shoulder to cry on.


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